Central America & Mexico Policy Initiative

Addressing Central America and Mexico’s migration and security issues



Migrant Deaths in South Texas

This report builds on previous research related to migrant deaths in South Texas. It seeks to answer three questions: 1) Where are migrants dying in South Texas? 2) Who are these individuals? and 3) How…


Metering & COVID-19

This report by the Robert Strauss Center at The University of Texas at Austin and the Center for U.S.- Mexican Studies (USMEX) at the University of California San Diego aims to provide an update on…


Student Papers

Policy Research Projects

Organized Crime and Central American Migration in Mexico (2017-18)

The following report was researched and written in response to a request by the Mexican Federal Police for an evaluation of the interactions between organized crime and Central American migrants transiting through Mexico. Given that…


Cartel Violence in Mexico (2016-17)

This Policy Research Project on Mexico’s security policy—sponsored by the Robert Strauss Center for International Security and Law—will address Mexico’s major security challenges and offer a series of policy recommendations. The report is divided into…