Metropolitan Governance Publications: Metropolitan Governance Publications: CCAPS metropolitan governance research examines the capacity of governmental systems for disaster preparedness and mitigation across a range of climate-related hazards in a set of large urban areas in Africa.
15 September 2015

The report is based on a year-long Policy Research Project course that was co-directed by Robert H. Wilson and Todd G. Smith during the 2012-2013 academic year. The project explores the role of local government in developing resilience due to its key role in addressing urban vulnerabilities.

05 February 2015

CCAPS Research Brief No. 30 examines how local governments are increasingly confronted with challenges resulting from weather events related to global climate change. This brief examines the efforts made by ten African cities to develop resiliency to climate events.

04 February 2015

CCAPS Research Brief No. 29 explores how changing weather patterns, driven by global climate change, will generate additional challenges in the growing cities of Africa where high levels of poverty, strained infrastructure systems, and lack of adequate housing already burden local governments.

21 November 2014

In Course Module No. 4, CCAPS researcher Robert Wilson explores how climate change will affect people living in African cities. The answer to this complex question has two interrelated dimensions. It hinges on, first, the scope of future climate change and resulting changes in population exposures to weather-related hazards and, second, the degree of vulnerability of urban populations to these hazards.

12 June 2014

In CCAPS Working Paper No. 4, Dr. Robert Wilson and Todd Smith examine the responses and adaptations to climate change within ten African cities. Using a comparative case study approach, field research was conducted on the governance systems in Ghana, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Angola, and Mozambique.