14 December 2015

ACLED Releases December 2015 Conflict Trends Report

The December 2015 issue of Conflict Trends focuses on Boko Haram violence and general elections in Nigeria, xenophobic riots and tuition fee protests in universities in South Africa, the trajectory of conflict in South Sudan as it enters its third year of civil war, an increase in ethnic and communal violence as pro-government militias scaled down attacks in Su-dan, and riot and protest activity and strategic shifts in Islamist violence in Tunisia. 

A special report highlights political developments and unexpected trends across Africa in 2015, finding that leaders who sought to extend constitutional term limits to remain in power were confronted with public demonstrations and conflict. Relatedly, coups d’état – or attempts thereof – have occurred, in large part as a response to leaders who have sought to remain in power, and refugees continue to be an issue on the continent and on a global scale.

Elsewhere on the continent, socio-economic pro-tests escalated in Algeria, anti-government pro-tests transformed into armed resistance in Burun-di, Islamic State militants ramped up attacks on Ajdabiya in Libya, and battles declined in Somalia.

The full report is available here.

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