25 January 2016

ACLED Releases January 2016 Conflict Trends Report

The January 2016 edition of ACLED's Conflict Trends report provides an overview of conflict in 2015 and profiles sexual violence in Central African Republic, on-going police abuses in Egypt in 2016, Islamic State attacks and expanding quasi-military activity in Libya, religious-based violence in Nigeria, increased conflict activity by off-shoot militias in South Sudan and violence against civilians in North Darfur, Sudan.

Elsewhere on the continent, political violence increased in Burundi, Chad, Ethiopia and Mali throughout 2015, conflict levels decreased in Somalia and DR-Congo, with persistent levels of violence experienced in Nigeria. In 2015, ACLED recorded 14,640 conflict events on the African continent. Armed conflict decreased by 14.0% compared to the previous year, marking the first negative trend since 2009.

The full January 2016 Conflict Trends report can be found here.

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