09 November 2015

ACLED Releases November 2015 Conflict Trends Report

The November 2015 issue of Conflict Trends focuses on the diffusion of protests in Algeria amidst elite corruption, State of Sinai activity and parliamentary elections in Egypt, intra-party political violence in Guinea, political contestation in Republic of Congo following President Denis Sassou Nguesso’s constitutional amendment to term limits, demonstrations over university fees in South Africa, and heightened protest activity re-lated to the 2016 elections in Uganda.

A Special Focus Topic explores the effect of income and investment on inducing political conflict, finding that the dominant forms of external economic flows can create environments where state violence is more likely.

Elsewhere on the continent, violence continued to decrease in Burundi and Libya, whilst clashes between Ethiopian troops and the Ogaden Na-tional Liberation Army continued in Ethiopia.

The full report is available here.

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