15 February 2016

CCAPS Mapping of Integrated Security Recognized by the Swedish Defense Research Agency

The Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI) recently released a brief on integrated security in which they mention several agencies doing impactful work on implementing integrated security initiatives. Of those agencies named, the FOI praised the Strauss Center's Climate Change and African Political Stability Program (CCAPS). CCAPS is a multi-year research program that examines the relationship between climate change vulnerability and patterns of conflict, thereby specifying where, when, and how climate-related events could disrupt security and development efforts in Africa.

FOI stated that the overall approach of programs such as CCAPS are comparable to their own work in that they integrate numerous types of approaches, use sophisticated technologies for primary data gathering, and rely heavily on social science methods. The report noted the unique and useful presentation of “dashboards” on the CCAPS website that allows users direct access to user-friendly manuals, gives examples of how to use the results of CCAPS studies, and even allows users to contribute their own data, which adds to the sophistication of CCAPS’ existing data. FOI states that “the CCAPS approach is highly developed, useful and even admirable.” 

CCAPS is funded by the U.S. Department of Defense's  Minerva Initiative, a university-based, social science research program focused on areas of strategic importance to national security policy that conducts research in the areas of climate change and conflict, issues of governance, and international aid.

The full FOI report can be found here.

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CCAPS Mapping Tools Explore Climate Security

The CCAPS Mapping Tools visualize data on climate change vulnerability, conflict, and aid to analyze how these issues intersect in Africa.