30 April 2014

Geocoding Aid in Malawi

In a recent video, researchers of the Climate Change and African Political Stability (CCAPS) program discuss their work on geocoding official development aid activities at the subnational level in Malawi. Identifying where international development aid resources have been effectively deployed is critical to addressing climate change vulnerability and building adaptive capacity in Africa.

The CCAPS Program has partnered with the Ministry of Finance of Malawi, Development Gateway, and AidData to map adaptation aid in Malawi. Geocoding adaptation aid will help Malawi and its aid donors to coordinate their efforts, inform the public of their activities, and better assess how well adaptation projects target the particular climate vulnerabilities of the country. Ultimately, mapping aid provides a new tool to discern whether adaptation aid effectively targets the regions where climate change poses a significant risk to the sustainable development and political stability of a country.

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CCAPS Mapping Tools Explore Climate Security

The CCAPS Mapping Tools visualize data on climate change vulnerability, conflict, and aid to analyze how these issues intersect in Africa.