03 October 2014

ACLED releases October 2014 Conflict Trends Report

In the October 2014 edition of ACLED's Conflict Trends report, CCAPS researchers Clionadh Raleigh and Caitriona Dowd report on continued violence of Boko Haram, protest dynamics in Egypt, ongoing unrest in South Sudan, and a special focus on the spread of Ebola in West Africa. Boko Haram's reign of violence continues.

A violent civilian attack occurred in September in Tourou, however with the assistance of the Cameroonian military the reports indicate the majority of battle deaths are those of Boko Haram fighters. Recently, Boko Haram is receiving pressure from the Nigerian military in Borno State. This pressure, along with the continued efforts of the Cameroonian military, have directly contributed to military engagement with over half of the violent events attributed to Boko Haram.

Recently, there has been a steady decline in protest events in Egypt since the dramatic spike of 2013. This is partly a result of organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, being deemed "a terrorist organization" by the Egyptian government and therefore encouraging local police forces to conduct routine drag-net arrests and implement heavy prison as needed.

Conflict in South Sudan continues, despite current peace talks between president Salva Kiir and former vice-president Riek Machar. Conflict is not just simply between the government and rebel forces; it is also between the two major parties and more recently the battles have also involved munal and ethnic militias. Intra-ethnic militia conflict is on the rise, mainly compromised of local killings and cattle-raiding.

Ebola has continued to ravage West Africa, despite American troops recently deploying to the area. The World Health Organization (WHO) is reporting over 5300 people are infected by Ebola, and there are reportedly over 2600 dead. Of those deaths reported, 700 were from last week alone. Concerns for this pandemic causing riots, and instability in the region continue to grow. Resources continue to be channeled towards combatting the pandemic.

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