05 June 2015

Natural Disaster and Peacebuilding in Post-War Nepal

Political Violence at a Glance's post on Natural Disaster and Peacebuilding in Post-War Nepal discusses international aid for recovery from the 2015 earthquake and its impact on peace building efforts. The post references a case study, published in CCAPS Research Brief No. 22, on Sri Lanka and post-conflict peace building in the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

The research brief by Cullen Hendrix and Aleksandra Egorova, Can Natural Disasters Precipitate Peace?, considers the prospects for natural disasters to provide windows of opportunity for achieving peace via negotiated settlements.Drawing on case studies of Indonesia and Sri Lanka, the findings presented in the CCAPS research brief demonstrate, first, the importance of decoupling negotiations over disaster relief from the negotiated peace process and, second, the pivotal role of proactive international mediators.

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