07 February 2011

New Security Policies in the Spotlight in Africa

The CCAPS program was fortunate to have an exclusive interview with the University of Cape Town's Annette Seegers. In this video, she discusses the concept of "new security" in South Africa and its effects both locally and globally. She asserts that this broader definition of security has been used to justify an over-use of the military in all aspects of governance, and that democratic states must instead implement policies that support security and democratic values concurrently.

Annette Seegers is a professor of political studies at the University of Cape Town. She has also been a visiting professor at Princeton University since 1999. Her public service in South Africa includes drafting Chapter 11 (Police, Military and Intelligence Services) of the South African Constitution, advising the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, serving as a member of the Multi-Party Negotiation Process, and holding many other advisory posts in the South African government. One of her best-known publications is The Military and the Making of Modern South Africa. Her book, The Role of Armed Forces in Democratic Regime Change, is forthcoming.

For more on Dr. Seegers and her analysis of new security policies, view her presentation at the Strauss Center in fall 2010.

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