Exploring the Security Implications of Climate Change

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An Analysis of Conflict and Climate Variability in East Africa

Clionadh Raleigh and Dominic Kniveton use rainfall variability to explore the influence of the climate on conflict. Their article in the Journal of Peace Research shows that in locations that experience communal conflict events, the frequency of…

The Search for Safety

CCAPS researcher Clionadh Raleigh’s article in Global Environmental Change discusses how conflict patterns affect the volume, direction, and types of migration within the developing world. Read the full article here.

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Does Physical Geography Affect a State’s Conflict Risk?

CCAPS researcher Clionadh Raleigh discusses the relationship between physical geography and conflict patterns within African states. The author finds that “an area’s physical attributes do not have a uniform effect on the likelihood of experiencing…

Introducing ACLED: An Armed Conflict Location and Event Dataset

This article in the Journal of Peace Research presents ACLED, an Armed Conflict Location and Events Dataset. ACLED codes the actions of rebels, governments, and militias within unstable states, specifying the exact location and date of battle…

Political Marginalization, Climate Change, and Conflict in African Sahel States

This article in the International Studies Review by Clionadh Raleigh discusses the probability of increased communal conflict in African states due to the political vulnerability of groups to climate change.


Chronic Communal Conflict and Environmental Pressure

CCAPS researcher Clionadh Raleigh and Dominic Kniveton presented a paper at the International Studies Association 51st Annual Convention, which  considers whether localized communal conflict is affected by increasing environmental instability.


Governance and Conflict in the Sahel’s Ungoverned Space

In their article in Stability: International Journal of Security & Development, Clionadh Raleigh and Caitriona Dowd examine governance and violence rates in the ‘ungoverned’ spaces of the African Sahel. The authors review theories of spatial governance,…