Exploring the Security Implications of Climate Change

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Final Program Report—Climate, Conflict, and Governance in Africa: Pinpointing Risks and Opportunities

CCAPS is a multi-year research effort to identify where and how climate change could undermine state stability, to define strategies for building African state capacity, and to assess global development aid responses. Based at the…


Social Conflict Analysis Database (SCAD) Codebook

The Social Conflict Analysis Database (SCAD) is the successor to the Social Conflict in Africa Database. This version of the data extends coverage to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, while maintaining the data for…


A House Divided

In a recent article for the Journal of Conflict Resolution, CCAPS researchers Cullen Hendrix and Idean Salehyan use the program’s Social Conflict in Africa Database (SCAD) to address issues pertaining the regime repression in Africa. Access…

No News Is Good News

In their article in International Interactions, CCAPS researchers Cullen Henrix and Idean Salehyan discuss underreporting bias. The authors propose using the method of mark and recapture to find an estimate of the true number of events. Read…

Global Food Prices, Regime Type, and Urban Unrest in the Developing World

Cullen Hendrix, a lead researcher on the CCAPS program, and Stephan Haggard recently published an article on global food prices and urban unrest in the Journal of Peace Research. Their research, which focuses on Africa and…

Best Practices in the Collection of Conflict Data

CCAPS researcher Idean Salehyan discusses best practices in collecting conflict data, including source selection, coding, and data sharing. Read the full article here.

Water Security in Niger and the Sahel

In Research Brief No. 24, Cullen Hendrix assesses water security in the Sahel by focusing on Niger and addressing the prospects for local, national, and international institutions to mitigate water conflict. The brief concludes that…


Understanding the Targets of Social Conflict

In CCAPS Research Brief No. 23, Idean Salehyan and Brandon Stewart tackle the question of why dissidents target the government at some times, yet at other times target other actors in society. The brief uses…


Trends and Triggers Redux: Climate Change, Rainfall, and Interstate Conflict

Colleen Devlin and Cullen Hendrix’s article in Political Geography explores precipitation patterns and interstate conflict. They find that “long-run variability in precipitation and lower mean levels of precipitation in dyads are associated with the outbreak of militarized…

Feeding Unrest

In this article, CCAPS researcher Todd G. Smith explores the issue of whether rising domestic consumer food prices are a contributing cause of sociopolitical unrest, more broadly defined, in urban areas of Africa.