New Research on Climate Security, Aid and Conflict, and Food Price Spikes

The CCAPS program released a collection of new research, including briefs on the CCAPS Climate Security Vulnerability Model, Mapping Territorial Control in Violent Armed Conflict, Food Price Spikes and Social Unrest in Africa, and real-time analysis of conflict in Africa.

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Strauss Center Announces Recipients of CCAPS Pre-Doctoral Fellowships

The Strauss Center's Climate Change and African Political Stability Program (CCAPS) has awarded its 2013-14 pre-doctoral fellowships to Nicholas Seltzer of Stony Brook University, Jessica Steinberg of the University of Michigan, and Daniel Strandow of Uppsala University. The three doctoral students will study under the CCAPS program and be in residence at the University of Texas at Austin for the 2013-2014 academic year.

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Institutional Capacity for Natural Disasters

Complex emergencies created by natural and manmade disasters can result from limited government capacities to respond to shocks and subsequently place tremendous demands on government capacity. In helping African countries meet the challenges that climate change is likely to pose, it is critical to determine the existing capacity of individual countries and to identify strategies for augmenting that capacity.

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Violent Islamism in Africa

John Campbell, in his Africa in Transition blog, highlights Caitriona Dowd's research brief on Tracking Islamist Militia and Rebel Groups published by the CCAPS program.

New Data Tool Tracks Emerging Conflict Trends in Africa

Astrid Zweynert brings attention to the new CCAPS conflict dashboard - which provides a comprehensive view of emerging and historical conflict trends in Africa - through his piece on AlertNet.

New Research on Conflict in Africa

The CCAPS program released two research briefs focused on conflict in Africa: "Elections and Social Conflict in Africa" by Idean Salehyan and "Climate Change, Global Food Markets, and Urban Unrest" by Cullen Hendrix. The Armed Conflict Location and Event Dataset (ACLED), a partner of CCAPS, also published its January 2013 Conflict Trends Report that provides an overview of political conflict across Africa in 2012.

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New Conflict Dashboard Tracks Emerging Conflict Trends

The Strauss Center's Climate Change and African Political Stability (CCAPS) program released the new CCAPS conflict dashboard today, enabling analysts to assess high-level conflict trends and detailed event data simultaneously. 

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Of Climate Change and Crystal Balls

The Air and Space Power Journal "“ Africa and Francophonie, a quarterly publication of the U.S. Air Force, recently featured an article by CCAPS researchers on the future consequences of climate change in Africa.

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National Research Council Report Highlights CCAPS Research

The National Research Council released a report, authored by the Committee on Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on Social and Political Stresses, that explores the links between climate change and national security. The report, Climate and Social Stress: Implications for Security Analysis, incorporates the research findings of several CCAPS researchers including Joshua Busby, Cullen Hendrix, Clionadh Raleigh, and Idean Salehyan.

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Political Expediency Underlies 'Turning Point' in Climate Aid

CCAPS Pre-doctoral Fellow Sam Barrett responds to Pilita Clark's article "Doha Talks Agree to Climate Compensation" in the Financial Times. In his letter to the editor, Barrett argues that "the basis of [Clark's] claim "“ the notion of climate finance for adaptation as a differentiated and accountable phenomenon that is designed for vulnerable people "“ is questionable."

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CCAPS Mapping Tools Explore Climate Security

The CCAPS Mapping Tools visualize data on climate change vulnerability, conflict, and aid to analyze how these issues intersect in Africa.