ACLED releases November 2014 Conflict Trends Report

In the November 2014 edition of ACLED’s Conflict Trends report, CCAPS researchers Clionadh Raleigh and Caitriona Dowd focus on rebel violence in DR-Congo, ongoing and escalating violence in Libya, prospects for peace in Mali, and a review of electoral violence in Mozambique. Additionally, this issue features a special focus on remote violence.

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Josh Busby Reacts to DOD Report on Climate Change

CCAPS researcher Joshua Busby is quoted in LiveScience's article on the U.S. Department of Defense's new report on climate change called the "2014 Climate Change Adaptation Road Map." Dr. Busby tells LiveScience that the authors of the report are "not talking about climate change as a distant threat, but as something we're already experiencing."

Feeding Unrest

Todd Smith's article on the relationship between food price shocks and sociopolitical conflict in urban Africa appears in the November 2014 issue of the Journal of Peace Research. In his article titled Feeding Unrest, Todd explores whether there is a connection between rising domestic consumer food prices and sociopolitical unrest by using data from the Social Conflict in Africa Database (SCAD).

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Climate and Security Revisited

CCAPS researcher Joshua Busby discusses the connection between climate and security on his blog post on the Duck of Minerva. His blog explores where climate security issues have been addressed in both the policy community and academia, and he concludes his blog by presenting the question of what climate security means for climate change advocacy. 

ACLED releases October 2014 Conflict Trends Report

In the October 2014 edition of ACLED's Conflict Trends report, CCAPS researchers Clionadh Raleigh and Caitriona Dowd report on continued violence of Boko Haram, protest dynamics in Egypt, ongoing unrest in South Sudan, and a special focus on the spread of Ebola in West Africa. Boko Haram's reign of violence continues.

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ACLED releases September 2014 Conflict Trends Report

5 September 2014

Conflict Trends September 2014

In the September 2014 edition of ACLED’s Conflict Trends report, CCAPS researchers Clionadh Raleigh and Caitriona Dowd report on the decrease in violence in some areas of Africa, and the steady increases in others. While escalating to a high level of violence in the early part of 2014, Burundi’s reported violence decreased dramatically as of late. Burundi’s recent drop in violence is partly do to police intervention, but can also be attributed to opposition groups abstaining from violence in hopes of being able to participate in the 2015 elections.

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Can Natural Disasters Precipitate Peace?

In Research Brief Number 22, CCAPS researchers Aleksandra Egorova and Cullen Hendrix discuss the possibility of natural disasters providing an opportunity to build peace via negotiated settlements. Specifically, the authors suggest that immediately post-disaster there is a repositioning of political figures which can allow for leadership to emerge with more of a pro-peace attitude. Although conflict may intensify after the emergency phase, the period of time immediately following the disaster holds great potential to be a time of peacebuilding.

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Now Hiring for Fall 2014

The Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Law has fall 2014 GRA and student coder position openings for qualified undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin. Job descriptions and application information for each of the three positions are outlined in detail below.

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Strauss Center Associate Director Presents CCAPS Research in South Africa

On May 27th, Strauss Center Associate Director Ashley Moran traveled to Stellenbosch, South Africa to present CCAPS research at a conference hosted by the U.S. Africa Command, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the National Defense University. The conference entitled the “Dialogue on Climate, Water, Energy and Human Security in Africa” focused on the security implications of environmental change in Africa.

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ACLED Releases June 2014 Conflict Trends Report

In the June 2014 edition of ACLED’s Conflict Trends Report, CCAPS researchers Clionadh Raleigh and Caitriona Dowd profile the ongoing unrest in the Central African Republic; the latest in a long series of attempted peace agreements in Mali; the highly anticipated presidential election in Malawi; student protests in Senegal; the status of a ceasefire in South Sudan; and the continuation of violence in Nigeria as well as an intensification of violence in Kenya.

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CCAPS Mapping Tools Explore Climate Security

The CCAPS Mapping Tools visualize data on climate change vulnerability, conflict, and aid to analyze how these issues intersect in Africa.