The CCAPS program publishes its research and findings in academic articles, concise research briefs, and longer research reports. It also produces course modules, codebooks, and user guides to facilitate others’ use of CCAPS research, data, and mapping tools. All CCAPS publications are available for download through this page.

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Articles: CCAPS research findings are published in a variety of academic journals, including Climate Dynamics, International Security, the Journal of Conflict Resolution, the Journal of Peace Research, and Political Geography, among others.
Briefs: CCAPS briefs present concise summaries of the goals, methodology, and findings of all studies conducted under the CCAPS program. ACLED conflict trend briefs provide monthly updates on trends in political violence across Africa.
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Codebooks and User Guides: CCAPS researchers provide detailed information on coding procedures for datasets supported by the program as well as user guides for the CCAPS mapping tool and thematic dashboards.
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Course Modules: Designed for use in military education institutions, CCAPS course modules provide background material, scenarios, and exploratory questions on issues related to climate change and national security, national disaster response, urban resilience, conflict, and development.
Metropolitan Governance Publications: Metropolitan Governance Publications: CCAPS metropolitan governance research examines the capacity of governmental systems for disaster preparedness and mitigation across a range of climate-related hazards in a set of large urban areas in Africa.
Research Reports: CCAPS research reports provide detailed information on the purpose, design, findings, and application of results of all studies conducted under the CCAPS program.