30 September 2016

ACLED Releases September 2016 Conflict Trends Report

The September issue of the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data (ACLED) project’s Conflict Trends Report analyzes recent trends in political violence in Asia. The report includes briefs on the uptick of riots and protests in India, with cow slaughter triggering caste violence; the rise in ISIS activity in Bangladesh, which includes July’s hostage crisis in which 20 hostages were killed; and an examination of the highly differing rates in political violence in the Pakistan- and Indian-administered halves of territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

A special report focuses on electoral violence in West Bengal and Bangladesh, noting a spike during the local elections between March and June of this year, particularly in the capital regions of Kolkata and Dhaka. Also the subject of a special focus report is violence against religious minorities in Pakistan. In creating this report, ACLED consulted a range of data sources including local news sources, civil society reports, and academic and policy analyses.

Past issues of the Conflict Trends Reports can be found here.