04 October 2016

New CEPSA Brief "Governance as Vulnerability: Preliminary Lessons from Pakistan"

Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar and CEPSA researcher Paula Newberg, recently published a research brief titled Governance as Vulnerability: Preliminary Lessons from Pakistan. In the brief, Newberg analyzes Pakistan's recent legislation regarding climate change mitigation under analysis and demonstrates that Pakistan, while acknowledging the potential negative impact of climate change, also contends with comparatively minimal resources to combat the forthcoming effects of climate change.

In her assessment, Newberg states that the legal descriptions of climate change impacts conflate and create misunderstanding of what are causes and effects, or what are trends and impacts. The linguistic insecurities reflected in Pakistan's legal framework on climate change are likely the result of policy choices that created current problems, and continue to do so even as the state aim to confront climate change. Finally, Newberg asserts that Pakistan's official position of being vulnerable to climate change, rather than acting to mitigate it, might be the next appropriate position to rethink in search of a more resource-intensive approach to combat the effects of climate change in the country.

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