Complex Emergencies and Politial Instability in Asia

(CEPSA) - Exploring the causes and dynamics of complex emergencies


These concise summaries of current CEPSA research focus on conflict, complex emergencies, climate hazards and disasters, and governance issues impacting countries in South and Southeast Asia. These research briefs discuss ongoing program research, findings, and next steps.

Final Program Report on Complex Emergencies and Political Stability in Asia | 2019

This report summarizes CEPSA program findings on disaster vulnerability and response, conflict assessment, complex emergencies, and Asian politics. Understanding how different insecurities coalesce to impact vulnerability in Asia—and assessing when and how these insecurities can develop into…


Working Paper: Politicizing Disaster Preparation | 2017

CEPSA researcher Jennifer Bussell uses new and unique data on disaster preparedness training from India’s states to show that it is not simply exposure to past hazards that predicts preparedness policies, but rather the character of…


Working Paper: Political Economy of Disaster Preparedness | 2017

CEPSA graduate student researcher Sabhanaz Rashid Daya analyzes the Government of Bangladesh’s capacity to make disaster management a national priority. Recent evidence suggests that the government is increasingly using its own funds to invest in preparedness.


Widening the Scope to Asia: Climate Change and Security | 2016

CEPSA climate vulnerability researchers Joshua Busby and Nisha Krishnan discuss current challenges in addressing climate-security vulnerabilities in Asia as part of their chapter in a new report by the Center for Climate and Security titled The…


Research Memos: Complex Emergencies and Political Stability in Asia | 2015

The CEPSA program held a one-day consultation workshop on March 5, 2015. The workshop brought together 23 participants from the CEPSA team, other universities, and nongovernmental organizations to review research memos produced by the program’s…