course module
Course Modules: Designed for use in military education institutions, CCAPS course modules provide background material, scenarios, and exploratory questions on issues related to climate change and national security, national disaster response, urban resilience, conflict, and development.
24 November 2014
In CCAPS Course Module No. 5, Catherine Weaver provides course material exploring why aid for adaptation and mitigation is important for addressing climate change vulnerability in Africa. The module covers climate funding for adaptation and mitigation programs, and how climate-related activities within development aid programs are identified and tracked.
20 November 2014

In Course Module No. 4, CCAPS researcher Robert Wilson explores how climate change will affect people living in African cities. The answer to this complex question has two interrelated dimensions. It hinges on, first, the scope of future climate change and resulting changes in population exposures to weather-related hazards and, second, the degree of vulnerability of urban populations to these hazards.

16 September 2014

In Course Module No. 3, CCAPS researcher Jennifer Bussell provides background and discussion materials for consideration of how partner nations' institutional capacity for disaster preparedness may be relevant to the U.S. Military. Bussell explores institutional capacity in the context of natural disasters, and how it can be defined. 

01 April 2014

In Course Module No. 2, CCAPS researcher Alan Kuperman addresses a longstanding debate between academics and policymakers regarding two opposing strategies of constitutional design—accommodation and integration. Kuperman argues that both constitutional designs can produce stability, but they must be implemented properly. 

26 February 2013
Does climate change constitute a national security threat to the United States? What is climate security vulnerability? In Course Module No. 1, CCAPS researcher Joshua Busby provides background material, discussion questions, scenarios, and resources for an in-depth discussion on national security and climate change.