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In his Foreign Policy Shadow Government blog, Strauss Scholar Will Inboden commends President Obama's first offer of praise for a Bush foreign-policy initiative.

In his speech on World AIDS day, Obama expressed his appreciation for George W. Bush’s leadership in building a foundation for global action for AIDS relief. This represents a departure from Obama’s tendency to avoid giving credit to his predecessor. Professor Inboden argues that this act of bipartisanship is important because bipartisan support that extends across presidencies is often the basis for the best foreign policy initiatives.

This Spectator article features Professor Inboden’s blog and agrees with his assessment that President Obama broke with the tendency of not acknowledging any successes of the Bush era, including policies that Obama himself adopted. While the lack of controversy surrounding AIDS prevention makes bipartisanship less of a challenge, Professor Inboden commends President Obama for his genuine support for PEPFAR and successor AIDS prevention initiatives.   


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