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Career Opportunities in Cyber Intelligence

February 12, 2020 |  12:15 pm  |  McCombs School of Business, GSB 5.130

On Wednesday, February 12, 2020, the Strauss Center and the Center for Enterprise and Policy Analytics (CEPA) at The University of Texas at Austin welcomed Monty St John, Director of Threat Intelligence for CyberDefenses, for its “Cybersecurity Speaker Series.” St John discussed the role of cyber intelligence in cybersecurity, election security, incident response, and digital forensics. He also explored several case studies that highlighted both attackers and motivations as well as the vulnerabilities and exploits they used.

Cyber intelligence is different than threat research. Employees with law enforcement and intelligence analysis experience have skills that empower these companies to understand people, profile attackers, and deliver personalized cybersecurity support by partnering with law enforcement to engage directly with malicious actors. St John discussed the differences between providing cyber guidance, operations, and intelligence.

His talk covered the many components to the election system and how its decentralization makes it a hard target. Disinformation campaigns are also on the rise and following the money trail and looking at the origin of the dialogue can help pinpoint malicious actors. Additionally, he clarified the definitions of clear net, deep net, and dark net. Cyberdefenses responds to 40-50 incidents a year and intelligence can help answer the motivation behind these attacks, 80% of which are financial. The other 20% are to inflict harm or achieve an operational objective and many of these attacks follow a playbook. St John analyzed the WannaCry and NotPetya attacks and emphasized the important of patching systems and properly configuring device settings and passwords.


Monty is a cybersecurity expert with more than two decades of experience in threat intelligence, digital forensics, malware analytics, quality services, software engineering, development, IT/informatics, project management and training. He is an ISO 17025 laboratory auditor and assessor, reviewing and auditing 40+ laboratories. Monty is also a game designer and publisher who has authored more than 24 products and 35 editorial works. He has served in both the U.S. Army and the Navy. He is the Director of Threat Intelligence for CyberDefenses, an award-winning Managed Security Services Provider working with the Federal government, state and local government and businesses since 2001.

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