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NSL Podcast 200th

National Security Law Podcast 200th Episode – LIVE

April 19, 2021 |  7:30 - 8:30 pm  |  Zoom Webinar

Thanks so much to everyone who listened as Strauss Director Bobby Chesney and Texas Law Professor and Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Steve Vladeck virtually recorded their 200th episode of the National Security Law Podcast. It was a blast.

Listen here to the 200th episode

We covered:

  • The drawdown in Afghanistan and its legal implications (for the AUMF, detention, habeas litigation, the use of force, you-name-it)
  • The latest developments in the Military Commissions
  • The new round of sanctions against Russian entities–particularly those relating to the SolarWinds episode
  • FBI’s use of a Rule 41 search(-and-seizure) warrant to delete webshells off of servers compromised as part of Hafnium’s Microsoft Exchange exploitation
  • Taking stock of the Biden Administration on national security law issues at the (very roughly) 100 day stage
  • All that, plus a fun array of audience questions on matters ranging from the professional to the personal.

We are grateful for all you listeners. Thanks for making the first 200 episodes so fun. Just 3,800 shows to go before we find something better to do!

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