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Mexico’s Human Rights and Governance Challenges in the AMLO Era

February 12, 2019  |  12:15 pm  |  SRH 1.208 (Benson Conference Room)

On Tuesday, February 12, 2019, the Strauss Center and the Mexico Center of LLILAS Benson presented a talk on “Mexico’s Human Rights and Governance Challenges in the AMLO Era.” Andrés Manuel López Obrador arrived in office in December 2018 amid outsize expectations that his presidency will bring sweeping change in favor of economically and socially marginalized Mexicans, including the millions of Mexicans affected by insecurity and human rights abuses.  However, the deep-rooted nature of violence and Mexico’s severe institutional deficiencies have generated questions regarding the government’s ability to bring about meaningful change.  The panel, with Janice Gallagher of the Department of Global Urban Studies at Rutgers University, Adriana Obregon, a Consultant, Alejandro Ponce, Chief Research Officer at the World Justice Project, and Jake Dizard, a Post-doctoral Fellow of the Mexico Security Initiative at the Strauss Center, discussed the enormous challenges facing the AMLO administration and assess its early policy agenda on issues including insecurity, justice, and social policy. It was moderated by Ricardo Ainslie, the LLILAS Benson Mexico Center Director.

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