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ACLED Releases June 2016 Conflict Trends Report

Jun 13, 2016 |

In the new June issue of the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data (ACLED) project’s Conflict Trends Report, researchers give a snapshot of political violence in Africa as well as an in-depth analysis of a stabilization in the conflict environment in Libya. The report also includes briefs on escalating offensives and protests in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, a geographical shift in clashes in South Sudan, restricted political violence in Sudan due to the rainy season, and increased conflict activity and the threat of the Islamic State in Tunisia.

A special report focuses on local violence monitoring in Burundi, and notes clashes between armed rival groups in the Central African Republic and declining protest activity in Ethiopia. ACLED uses a wide range of data sources, including media, local newspapers, online journals, and reports by humanitarian organizations. Including local sourcing is particularly important in areas such as Burundi, which suffers from a media blackout and constant persecution of local press.

Addiitonal issues of the Conflict Trends Reports are available here.