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ACLED Releases March 2016 Conflict Trends Report

ACLED’s March 2016 edition of the Conflict Trends report focuses on violence by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) and the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the largely peaceful protests against the expansion of Addis Ababa and the response of security forces in Ethiopia, territorial gains made by General Khaliah Haftar’s military forces in Benghazi, Libya, the wide geography of riots and protests by Children of the Liberation Struggle (CLS) in Namibia, the peace process in South Sudan, spikes in protest, and low-level Islamist insurgency in Tunisia, and election-based violence in Uganda.

The special focus topic in the March 2016 edition is the role of conflict resilient investment. Rates of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Africa have been increasing, and investors place a large importance on stability in determining where to invest. This incentivizes states to create an illusion of stability, usually by repressing opponents and civilians. The proposition of investment can alter how the state performs security operations in order to secure economic flows.

Elsewhere on the continent, police abuse against political and non-political figures in Egypt persist; Boko Haram has escalated the intensity of attacks in Borno State, Nigeria; and violence continues to decrease in Central African Republic.