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Moran on Assessing Effectiveness of Governance Aid in Africa

May 9, 2016 |

In the latest research brief by the CCAPS program, Assessing Effectiveness of Governance Aid in Africa, Strauss Center Associate Director Ashley Moran discusses the causal mechanisms through which democracy aid may positively impact democratic development in Africa. While recent studies on U.S. democracy aid worldwide found that democracy aid programs overall do have a positive impact on democratic development, there is still little known about how democracy aid has brought about this success.

CCAPS Research Brief No. 33 aims to provide new empirical analysis to inform the design of democracy aid programs by considering two broad mechanisms theorized to impact democratic development—formal institutions and informal norms—and within this framework examines how democracy aid leverages these mechanisms in varied contexts of democratic development. The study investigates the origin of change in a political system and whether political change is shaped and determined by the formal institutions or the informal norms and practices at work in a political system.

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