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Brumley Fellow Discusses Future of Macedonia with New Government

Sep 22, 2017 |

Brumley Fellow Aleksej Demjanski recently met with fellow members of the Forum for Democratic Macedonia (FDM) and senior officials of the newly elected Macedonian government to discuss highly anticipated reform efforts for Macedonia in New York City on September 18, 2017. In attendance was the Macedonian Prime Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister, and Diaspora Affairs Minister of the United Nations General Assembly.

FDM and the newly elected officials elaborated upon the need for major reforms in Macedonia in the aftermath of political crisis. They concluded that reforms to education and the judicial system are urgently needed, as well as providing opportunities for youth. In addition, FDM called for greater gender representation in Macedonian political life as well as actions to improve the living conditions of people with special needs.

To implement reforms, the attendees suggested to cooperate with the diaspora on the creation of a Government Strategy for the Diaspora as well as a project on mapping Macedonia’s diaspora abroad. Moreover, the participants expressed support for Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic integration process and the new government’s efforts to further accession into NATO and the European Union.

Brumley Fellow Aleksej Demjanski (left) with representatives of the Macedonian Government and FDM.