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Director of Strauss’ Mexico Security Initiative Discusses Border Security

Nov 13, 2018 |

In her recent Lawfare article, The Invisible Caravans, the Director of the Mexico Security Initiative, Stephanie Leutert, describes the reality of the migrant caravan making its way towards the United States. She begins with the fact that the caravan makes up only 10% of the total people who will seek asylum in the United States in a month, implying that President Trump’s response has been disproportionate. Throughout the article, she explains how difficult the journey is, and why people choose to endure the horrible conditions. Leutert emphasizes that migrants are leaving because they can’t afford basic food supplies, they are surrounded by gang violence, they have precarious employment, and low salaries. She also describes the conditions migrants face along the route; including less than three meals a day, extreme heat, and horrible blisters that are the result of wearing cheap shoes, sweat-soaked socks and walking tens of miles a day. Leutert argues that “the mixture of desperation, hunger and insecurity, combined with the absence of hope for change at the ballot box, has proved a potent force for pushing Hondurans out of their homes.”