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Director of the Strauss State Fragility Initiative Works with Belgium MFA on Climate Security

Mar 9, 2020 |

Ashley McIlvain Moran, Director of the State Fragility Initiative at the Strauss Center, has been supporting the climate-related efforts of the Belgium Ministry of Foreign Affairs during its tenure on the United Nations Security Council. Their work on climate security in the context of UN peacekeeping missions is highlighted in a recent video posted here.

To support Belgium’s efforts to engage new participants in discussions on climate security issues, Moran recently facilitated discussions at an event organized by the Belgium MFA to engage diplomatic and military personnel in examining the security implications of geoengineering as a response to climate risks. She also spoke at a conference organized by EUROMIL and the European Economic and Social Committee on the implications of climate security for militaries, and she further briefed Belgium’s foreign affairs and development ministry personnel on challenges in addressing climate risks in fragile states.