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Former NextGen Scholar Publishes a Piece With USIP

Sep 8, 2020 |

Amanda Long, a former Strauss Center Next Generation Undergraduate Scholar, recently co-authored a United States Institute of Peace article titled “America can build peace better—if it includes women.” In it, she and her co-author Dr. Kathleen Kuehnast discuss the forthcoming 10-year Global Fragility Strategy which will be presented to Congress by various federal officials in the coming weeks. This strategy, they argue, would benefit from a “cross-pollination” with three lessons which they pull from the 2017 Women, Peace, and Security Act. They further emphasize that the presently unfolding pandemic increases the urgency of such a line of action, given the potential for “cascading crises.”

The first lesson they present is “Make Women’s Participation Meaningful” which highlights the necessity of enshrining an “inclusive consultative process with civil society stakeholders” including women, as to avoid the tokenization of women’s participation. They reference plans rolled out previously by the UN which include similar stipulations and which are rooted in the premise that women’s active engagement “yields demonstrable dividends.” The second lesson, “To Judge Success, Measure Impacts on Women,” affirms the necessity of seeking analytics on gender inequalities, as previous research has illustrated that “gender equality is one of the best predictors of state security and stability.” The third and final lesson, “Train Personnel to Protect Women and Girls,” encourages the entities responsible for carrying out the mandate of the forthcoming Global Fragility Strategy to require their personnel to engage in training on gender sensitivity and codes of conduct to avoid perpetuating the cycle of conflict and fragility. They conclude by re-emphasizing the utility of looking to lessons of the past— which illustrate the indispensable role of women— in the process of forging a way forward to achieve state stability. Read the full article here.