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Mosser Weighs in on the European Union’s Response to Covid

May 13, 2020 |

Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Michael Mosser recently participated in a War on the Rocks podcast titled “The Future of European Governance in a Post-Covid World.” The panelists had a wide-ranging conversation on the host of issues facing the European Union, including the rise of authoritarianism in some European countries, the impact of Covid on the timing of European elections, and the post-Covid European order. Mosser specifically commented on the forthcoming issues of surveillance and privacy, noting that the need to collect and track biometric information will constitute a quantum shift in state surveillance efforts, which policymakers will need to grapple with. Mosser also discussed how the EU’s failure to get in front of the Covid pandemic with a coordinated multi-national effort is a shortcoming which has been typical of the EU, citing a history of incidents in which European nations craft separate response policies to major crises. Listen to the full podcast here.