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Professor Jah Launches “Moriba’s Vox Populi” Web Series

Oct 15, 2020 |

In the inaugural episode of his new web series, “Moriba’s Vox Populi”, Professor Moriba Jah, Program Lead of the Strauss Center’s Space Security and Safety Program, hosted a diverse panel of space experts for an organic conversation on a host of space-related issues. The panelists began with a discussion of light pollution and specifically the rift between astronomers, who want a night sky free from interruption of light reflecting off of satellites, and aerospace engineers and space policy professionals, who want satellites to be sufficiently bright so that they can be readily tracked. Panelists also discussed the lessons learned from the history of the field of maritime policy, which has potential implications for space policy, particularly given the proliferation of private actors in space. They also discussed the challenges surrounding ascertaining who ought to take the lead in space traffic management, noting that while consensus is easier to achieve with smaller groups—perhaps spacefaring nations only— all nations are affected by activities in space, and therefore perhaps all nations should be involved in these deliberations. They further discussed the value of traditional ecological knowledge in space policy, and specifically in achieving space sustainability. Finally, they discussed the distinction between transparency in space and truth in space, as the latter requires not just disclosure, but also verification and cross-checking. Listen to the full conversation here.