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Senior Fellow Kevin Rosner Discusses Cybersecurity

Apr 26, 2016 |

Strauss Center Senior Fellow Kevin Rosner was recently featured in a Saudi Gazette article on cybersecurity in the Persian Gulf. Dr. Rosner is also a senior fellow for the Institute for Analysis of Global Security. The article was published in advance of Dr. Rosner’s presentation on Asymmetric Warfare and Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection at the Infrastructure Security Conference (Infrasec) in April 2016.

In the article, “Increased cybersecurity measures key to defend against GCC-wide energy infrastructure attacks”, Dr. Rosner warns decision makers about the vital importance of secure energy infrastructure. He reminds readers that there are two types of countries with critical and visible energy infrastructure: “those that have been hacked and those that will be.” Especially in states near conflict zones, protecting energy infrastructure is central to ensuring national security. Dr. Rosner recommends that states in the GCC begin to protect themselves by information gathering, attention to detail, and an inclusive and imaginative consideration of all options that could debilitate the infrastructure.