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South China Morning Post Highlights Countering China’s Security State Conference

Jun 24, 2019 |

A South China Morning Post article highlighted the Strauss Center’s June 6th conference, “Countering China’s Security State: A Bipartisan Approach.” The article, authored by Washington correspondent Mark Magnier, discusses the Trump administration’s choice to include Taiwan on a list of countries in a recent Department of Defense report.

Magnier quotes Strauss Distinguished Scholar, Dr. Josh Eisenman and conference participants including Randall Schriver (Assistant Secretary for Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs), Congressman Ted Yoho (House Committee on Foreign Affairs), and Ambassador Derek Mitchell (President of the National Democratic Institute and former Ambassador to Myanmar). Magnier remarks that many conference panelists focused their remarks on China’s “control-obsessed security state, poor human rights record, including its recent Uyghur crackdown, and President Xi Jinping’s broken pledge not to militarize the South China Sea.” Schriver spoke to the competitive and wary relationship between the U.S. and the People’s Liberation Army, and Yoho is said to have “lauded the defen[s]e department’s reference to Taiwan as a country.”

Eisenman, joined by other conference participants, including Mitchell, cautioned against “painting the world’s most populous country with a single broad brush.” Mitchell urged: “’Don’t make this a clash of civilizations… [N]ever ignore that we have common interests. This is not the Cold War.’”