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SSSS Program Releases Informational Video on Space Sustainability

Alyssa Goessler, Senior Brumley Fellow in the Strauss Center’s Space Security, Safety, and Sustainability Program recently served as a delegate to the Space Generation Advisory Council’s annual Space Generation Congress in Dubai. In this episode of the SSSS program’s Space Policy Informational Series, Alyssa explains the function and history of the SGAC and the SGC. She then introduces one of the conference’s themes: space sustainability. After providing some common definitions of this term, Alyssa emphasizes the intergenerational nature of space sustainability. In recognition of this important feature, Alyssa welcomes SGC delegates to share what space sustainability means to them. Tune in to hear the next generation of space leaders present their thoughts on this urgent issue. 

Featured delegates (in order of appearance): 

Cody Knipfer, USA

Giuliana Rotola, Italy

Tensae Ali, Ethiopia

Andrew Swackhamer, USA

Bram de Winter, Netherlands

Sahil Bhatia, India 

Matias Campos, Ecuador 

Mariam Naseem, Canada

Christine Dubbert, USA

Marco Romero, Angola 

Molly MacEachen, USA

Fahd Moumni, Morocco