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Strauss Cyber Fellow Check In: Gabriel Cajiga

Jan 3, 2022 |

The Strauss Center’s Cyber Fellows program provides mentorship and research support to UT Austin graduate students interested in delving into the world of cybersecurity (see more here if you’re interested in applying). We like to check in with our former Cyber Fellows to share their experiences post-program, and today we have an update from 2020-2021 Fellow, Gabriel Cajiga:

Gabriel has been extremely busy in the arena of cybersecurity issues since the program, especially in government and policy circles in Panama, including:

  • Serving as part of the board of directors for the Panamanian Institute of Law and New Technologies (IPANDETEC),
  • Presenting as a panelist on “Cybersecurity and Public Policy“, organized by the National Assembly of Panama
  • Giving the keynote “Cybersecurity and Human Resources” at the event “Trends in Human Resources Recruitment 2.0“, organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Panama and the National Association of Human Resources in Panama. Gabriel’s presentation discussed the relationship between cybersecurity, human trafficking, and recruitment in HR. 

Gabriel’s time as a Cyber Fellow was particularly fruitful, as can be seen in Freedom House’s recently-released “Freedom on the Net 2021 Report” for which, as a Cyber Fellow, he provided research on Nicaragua.

Next up for Gabriel is IPANDETEC’s report in the international project “Who’s got your back” – Quien Defiende Tus Datos , an initiative led by the Electronic Frontier Foundation to shed light on local ISP’s data-sharing practices with their respective governments.

We congratulate Gabriel on his enormous success so far and can’t wait to share more of his work in the future!