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Strauss Distinguished Scholars Featured in FPRI Journal, Orbis

Jan 22, 2018 |

Strauss Distinguished Scholars Dr. Will Inboden and Dr. Paul Miller were recently featured in a special issue of Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Orbis. The 2018 winter issue focuses on the concept of conservative internationalism, as discussed by the featured scholars at a Clements Center for National Security colloquium at the University of Texas last May.

Dr. Inboden’s contribution, “Ronald Reagan, An Exemplar of Conservative Internationalism?” analyses the Reagan’s administration’s foreign policy against the broader concept of conservative internationalism. Inboden finds that Reagan largely embodies the theory’s ideals, namely in “its integration of force with statecraft, the priority it gave to cooperative relations with allies, and its support for the global expansion of political and economic liberty.”

In his article, “Conservative Internationalism Out of Power,” Dr. Miller argues that though we live in an age of liberal rhetoric and ideals, conservative internationalism is still far more representative of American Grand Strategy. While policymakers may seem enamored with liberal ideals of foreign affairs, the reality of American interests and the accompanying budgetary constraints is why conservative internationalism is, “likely to endure as America’s preferred approach to the world long past the Trump administration.”

More information on this issue available here.