The Strauss Center for International Security and Law at the University of Texas at Austin is pleased to announce that it is launching the Next Generation Project Texas.

This non-partisan project will invite emerging Texas leaders from a range of professional sectors to come together to form practical solutions to address a multitude of global challenges.

With the generous support of Jon and Rebecca Brumley, the first assembly of Next Generation Project Texas Fellows will take place in October in Fort Worth, Texas. Due to the long partnership between Texas and the energy sector, the first assembly of Brumley Fellows will focus on energy, the environment and U.S. global policy.

The national Next Generation Project was created at the American Assembly at Columbia University in 2005. Since then, a network of nearly three hundred Fellows has formed and includes senior members in government and the private sector. A full list of the Next Generation Project Fellows, along with reports of recommendations from each assembly, can be found at