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Nathaniel Woodford

Space Security & Safety Fellow |

Firefly Aerospace

Nathaniel L. Woodford is Corporate Counsel for Firefly Aerospace, an Austin-based developer of orbital launch vehicles for the small-to-medium satellite market.  He graduated from the University of Nebraska College of Law with a specialization in International Law and National Security Policy, and joined Firefly after a brief stint at NASA’s Launch Services Program at the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral.  His work expertise involves export compliance, government contracting, industrial security rules and regulations, international business development, and launch service industry transactional work as well as general areas of corporate law and practice. His academic work focuses on the intersection of space regulatory policy and commercial interests, with a forthcomingpaper on utilizing corporate-nonprofit partnerships to increase non-traditional educational opportunities for students looking to gain experience in the NewSpace industry. He currently lives and works in Cedar Park, TX with his two Shiba Inus, Aki and Kazi.