Space Security, Safety, and Sustainability

Understanding security, technology, and policy in government and commercial space programs

SSSS Op-eds

The Strauss Center is accepting submissions for its op-ed collaboration with SpaceWatch.Global. Graduate students from any UT program are welcome to submit op-eds on any issue related to space safety, security, and sustainability. This is a valuable opportunity for students to receive feedback on their writing and to gain exposure in the field by being published in a global space news platform.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Interested students should refer to the “Op-ed Writing: Tips and Tricks” Guide provided by The Op-Ed Project to aide in their drafting process. The SSSS Program has two primary requirements for its op-eds:
    1. Op-eds should be ~700 words in length and must present their primary argument by word 200.
    2. Op-eds must include an acknowledgement of a possible or likely counterargument. This offers an opportunity to illustrate that you have done your research and to debunk any arguments which you find to be spurious.
  2. Once a student has completed their first draft, they are required to schedule a free, 45-minute appointment with the University Writing Center.
  3. After their Writing Center appointment, students may submit their op-ed to Alison Prince, Senior Research Program Coordinator, via email at [email protected].
  4. The op-ed will be reviewed and edited by the SSSS Program Lead and other SSSS program affiliates. Op-eds typically undergo two to three rounds of review before being finalized, but all will not necessarily be accepted for publication.
  5. Once the op-ed has been approved, students will be asked to submit a high-resolution headshot and short bio. The SSSS program will submit it for final review and approval to SpaceWatch.Global.

Former SSSS Op-eds: