State Fragility Initiative

Examining causes, conditions, and consequences of state fragility


Moran on Untangling the Complexity of Fragile States

31 Mar 2017

Ashley Moran, Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar and State Fragility Initiative Director, recently co-wrote a report titled “Untangling the Complexity of Fragile States” with Andrew Albertson, a Senior Advisor at Cure Violence. The report aims to convey how empirical findings on fragile states can inform a new U.S. strategy for fragile states focused on prevention.

Rosner on Water and Electric Power in Iraq and Syria

16 Dec 2016

Dr. Kevin Rosner, Senior Fellow at the Strauss Center and Director of Research at the Institute for Natural Resources and Sustainable Development at the University of Ottawa, Canada, published a new paper titled, Water and Electric Power in Iraq and Syria: Conflict and Fragility Implications for the Future. This paper is published as part of…

Moran, Escobar, and Robles-Olson Analyze “Democracy Aid in Difficult Contexts”

07 Nov 2016

The Strauss Center’s Climate Change and African Political Stability (CCAPS) program recently published its Democratic Governance research team’s findings in a report titled “Democracy Aid in Difficult Contexts: Assessing Strategies and Impact.” Researchers Ashley Moran, Brooke Escobar, and Daniel Robles-Olson explore what types of democracy aid are most successful in impacting democratic development in Africa….

Miller on U.S. Involvement in Afghanistan

17 Oct 2016

Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar, Paul D. Miller, contributed to a piece in POLITICO Magazine, authored by Mark Perry. In “Afghanistan 15 Years On: Obama’s Sorriest Legacy,” Perry discusses the 15-year evolution of United States involvement in the war in Afghanistan, and highlights a widely held opinion among experts that a key to long-term stabilization of…

Busby, Hendrix, and Moran Contribute to Report on Climate Change and Security

26 Sep 2016

Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Joshua Busby, Senior Fellow Cullen Hendrix, and State Fragility Initiative Director Ashley Moran, recently participated in the compilation of a climate and security briefing book for the next presidential administration.

Miller on Choosing Between Forever War and Nation Building

14 Sep 2016

Paul D. Miller, a Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar and Associate Director of the Clements Center for National Security, recently wrote “How does jihadism end? Choosing between forever war and nation building” for the renowned security-focused web publication, War on the Rocks. In it, Dr. Miller describes the problematic approaches taken since the attacks of 2001,…

Moran Makes Case for a New U.S. Strategy for Fragile States

01 Jun 2016

On Tuesday, May 24, the Truman Center hosted a panel discussion on a new publication entitled “A Call for a New Strategic Approach to Fragile States,” written by Strauss Center Associate Director Ashley Moran and Andrew Albertson. The paper argues that the changing national security landscape requires a comprehensive, strategic approach toward fragile states.

Escobar on Governance Aid Effectiveness in Rwanda and Burundi

09 May 2016

In CCAPS Research Brief No. 34, Pathways of Governance Aid Effectiveness: The Case of Rwanda and Burundi, CCAPS researcher Brooke Escobar analyzes aid programming in post-conflict situations using a case study of Rwanda and Burundi. The study considers the causal mechanisms through which democracy promotion programs impact democratic development in a post-conflict context, seeking to identify whether…

Moran on Assessing Effectiveness of Governance Aid in Africa

09 May 2016

In the latest research brief by the CCAPS program, Assessing Effectiveness of Governance Aid in Africa, Strauss Center Associate Director Ashley Moran discusses the causal mechanisms through which democracy aid may positively impact democratic development in Africa. While recent studies on U.S. democracy aid worldwide found that democracy aid programs overall do have a positive…

Rosner on Militarization of Natural Resources

06 May 2016

On April 19-20, 2016, the government of Bahrain hosted the inaugural Infrastructure Security Conference, where over 150 regional energy professionals and international experts were invited to discuss the most important challenges in protecting critical energy assets. The conference highlighted the importance of natural resources as a critical component of security in the Middle East and…