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Wednesday, Jun 30, 2010



Planning Workshop: Constitutional Design And Conflict Management In Africa

Planning Workshop: Constitutional Design And Conflict Management In Africa

Wednesday, Jun 30, 2010  |     | 

On June 30, 2010, the CCAPS program gathered its team of constitutional design and conflict management scholars at a workshop in Washington, DC to plan a series of case studies to be conducted under the program.

The program's Constitutional Design and Conflict Management (CDCM) research aims to identify the most effective constitutional strategies that will promote accountable and responsible governance in Africa.

The project looks at how constitutional design can either help or hinder conflicts that arise from social stressors like climate change.  Case studies will investigate different systems of governance that could mitigate conflicts in Africa and examine which constitutional designs could offer successful strategies for the long run.  Since little comparative research has been done within the field of constitutional design and conflict in Africa, the project aims to fill gaps in scholarly writing and public policy with information on the best design outcomes in Africa and how to promote them effectively.

The CDCM team, comprised of leading scholars on comparative constitutional design from the United States, Europe and Africa, recently gathered in Washington, DC for a planning workshop.  The team's seven case study authors and five outside experts identified a set of critical research questions, developed the research design and methods, and created uniform standards for the scope of the seven case studies.

Each case study will examine a specific African country and its history of constitutional design to determine how it has affected the government's ability to address conflict.  The case studies will include Burundi, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan, and Zimbabwe, with a different team member focusing on each country.  Upon completion, the research will be distributed through policy briefs directed to government agencies, intergovernmental organizations, military planners and other policymakers working to build accountable governance and reduce violent conflict in Africa.

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The CCAPS program's Constitutional Design and Conflict Management researchers convened a planning workshop in June 2010 to bring case study authors and subject experts together to finalize the CDCM case study design.

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