The December 2015 issue of Conflict Trends focuses on Boko Haram violence and general elections in Nigeria, xenophobic riots and tuition fee protests in universities in South Africa, the trajectory of conflict in South Sudan as it enters its third year of civil war, an increase in ethnic and communal violence as pro-government militias scaled down attacks in Su-dan, and riot and protest activity and strategic shifts in Islamist violence in Tunisia. 

In a recent article for The Washington Post, Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar and LBJ School Professor Josh Busby discusses the 2009 Copenhagen climate change negotiations. Busby argues that while many at the time believed the negotiations to be a failure, the negotations introduced a bottom-up approach to addressing climate change at the international level. Flashing forward to the recent COP 21 summit in Paris, over 179 countries submitted plans based on the Copenhagen approach, including the United States and China.

The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs recently hosted a panel of experts to discuss the rise of China in the new century, titled “American Century, Asian Century, or Nobody’s Century?” As a panelist, Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar and LBJ School Professor Josh Eisenman argued that it is unlikely for China to dominate the next century as a global power.

From November 19-21, 2015, the Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Law and the Clements Center for National Security convened the second annual National Security Forum at the University of Texas at Austin. This year’s event, “Great Powers, Failed States, and New Frontiers: National Security Challenges in the 21st Century,” explored the security challenges the U.S. currently faces and how our national security institutions are positioned to respond.

The Strauss and Clements Centers' second annual National Security Forum has drawn senior intelligence leaders and scholars to Austin to discuss issues ranging from terrorism to stability operations. Several leading news sources have been covering the event and below are just a sample.

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