Jacquelyn Clark, Strauss Center Brumley Scholar and Liberal Arts Honors senior in Geography & Iberian/Latin Languages, is working with her fellow Scholars, led by Dr. Catherine Weaver, on creating a comprehensive student survey on a wide range of global concerns. Jacquelyn explains the project, her role, and her academic career here for us today:

Recently, students in the Policy Research Project class “Beyond the Border: Policy Responses for Central American Migration,” led by MSI Director Stephanie Leutert, traveled to Guadalajara and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico to further their understanding of the issues surrounding Central American migration through Mexico.

Brumley Next Generation Senior Fellow, Annika Rettstadt, was afforded the opportunity to discuss her thesis research with Senior Advisor to the Intelligence Studies Project and former CIA Director, John Brennan. A third year dual-degree student at the LBJ School and Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Rettstadt's graduate career has focused on counterterrorism efforts in Europe.

Students: don't forget that applications close March 2nd for internships at the Department of State this fall.  More information regarding the application process can be found on the State Department's website

In particular, we encourage you to consider applying to the Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations (CSO), which would be ideal for students studying conflict resolution, peacekeeping, and foreign policy. Please find the call for applications here

Stephanie Leutert, Director of the Strauss Center’s Mexico Security Initiative (MSI), was recently quoted in a Texas Tribune article on border dynamics in the Rio Grande Valley. The prospect of border wall construction poses new and complicated challenges for controlling drug and human smuggling, but it alone will not stop transnational criminal activity. Drug and human smugglers, according to the article, have continued to be able to work around physical barriers in other parts of the U.S.-Mexico border by bribing Border Patrol officials and hiding drugs in licit cargo.