Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Paul D. Miller recently contributed a blog piece to Foreign Policy titled "How World War III Could Begin in Latvia". In it, Dr. Miller recalls a piece he wrote four years ago in which he predicted Russia's invasion of Ukraine and states that Russia will likely invoke a similar pattern of behavior and invade Latvia.

Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Dr. Scott Wolford recently published the piece "Wars of Succession" in the journal International Interactions. Dr. Wolford's latest contribution analyzes a bargaining, war, and leadership turnover model wherein personal attributes of leaders can affect war outcomes, and war locks settlements from renegotiation.

Strauss Center Distinguished Scholars Kate Weaver and Michael Findley recently released the Innovations for Peace and Development (IPD) Annual Report for 2016. Weaver and Findley are IPD’s Co-Directors, and established the Center at the University of Texas at Austin in 2013 to conduct research in international conflict management, global economic governance, and poverty alleviation.

Intelligence Studies Project Brumley NextGen Fellow, Michael Gibbs, recently reviewed Oleg Khlevniuk's new book Stalin: New Biography of a Dictator (Yale University Press, reprint edition, 2016) for the Lawfare Blog.

Annika Rettstadt (dual MA in Middle Eastern Studies and Global Policy Studies) explains her work tracking Islamic State activity in Europe, as part of our ongoing Brumley NextGen Program check-in.