Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Michael Findley recently co-authored the article "A hybrid approach to modeling territorial control in violent armed conflicts" for the journal Transactions in GIS. Dr. Findley and his co-authors discuss a new approach to estimating the control of territory in conflict regions.

Two of our Distinguished Scholars have addressed recent events in Turkey in interviews and articles. 

The Strauss Center is happy to announce the launch of the new series “Beyond the Border” at Lawfare. Our inaugural Mexico Security Initiative (MSI) Fellow Stephanie Leutert is the principal author of this project, which will focus on Mexico's recent security issues (and occasionally, on similar challenges in Central America).

Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Stephen Vladeck recently contributed for the NY Daily News with a piece on the need to modernize the law governing the improper handling of classified information. Following FBI Director James Comey’s announcement that the FBI is not recommending criminal charges against Hilary Clinton for her use of a private server to conduct official government business, Vladeck suggested more attention must be given to revise and update the laws that govern such incidences.

Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Joshua Eisenman was recently quoted by The Economist in the special report "East, west, home's best," on the state of Chinese nationalism.