On April 20, 2016, Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Alan Kuperman joined two other expert guests for a discussion of Libya on CCTV America’s “The Heat,” a weekly segment on news and current affairs. Dr. Kuperman expanded on comments he has made previously about the Obama Administration’s intervention in Libya, and offered insight into the difficulties facing a UN-sponsored unity government and how best to defeat ISIS in Libya.

On April 19-20, 2016, the government of Bahrain hosted the inaugural Infrastructure Security Conference, where over 150 regional energy professionals and international experts were invited to discuss the most important challenges in protecting critical energy assets. The conference highlighted the importance of natural resources as a critical component of security in the Middle East and examined the effects of better inter-regional cooperation between countries in safeguarding these essential resources from threats. Bahrain’s Minister of Energy, Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza, presided over the conference which took place in Manama.

Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Eugene Gholz recently published a chapter in Emerging Critical Technologies and Security in the Asia-Pacific, a volume edited by Richard A. Bitzinger. Gholz’s chapter, "Emerging Technologies’ Potential to Change the Balance of Power in Asia,” lays out a framework for understanding this complex issue in East Asia. In the chapter, Gholz describes how technology intersects with geography, economy, and foreign policy to determine how militaries interact.

Walter Russell Mead of Foreign Affairs Magazine recently reviewed The Power of the Past: History and Statecraft, edited by Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Jeremi Suri and Duke University Assistant Professor Hal Brands. Additional Strauss Center Distinguished Scholars Mark Lawrence and H.W. Brands are contributors to the book which addresses a large and growing gap between policymakers and professional historians.

Jake Barnett, a 2015-2016 NextGen Scholar, is a senior majoring in Plan II and History Honors. He has just finished his honors thesis, a study of institutional behavior and counterinsurgency doctrine with relation to intelligence operations in the Vietnam War. He also currently conducts research with the Conflict and Development team for Innovations for Peace and Development, a program he became involved with through the Brumley Next Generation Scholars program.