Annika Rettstadt, a 2016-2017 Brumley Next Generation Fellow at the Strauss Center, recently contributed a map to Institute for the Study of War scholar Melissa Pavlov’s latest ISIS Global Project piece. Annika’s map presents a detailed catalogue of so-called Islamic State-related attacks, arrests, and attempts in Europe between July 16, 2016 and August 18, 2016. Annika’s work also uses current data on the contributions by European countries to the Islamic State’s fighting forces in Iraq and Syria.

Our check in with the Brumley Next Generation Scholars begins with Reginaldo Valdez, an International Relations and Government senior and former White House intern. Below, Reginaldo tells us about his expectations for the Scholars’ research and development course and faculty mentorship program:

In his third blog post as a 2016 Crook Fellow, Aaron Milner discusses the challenges of working on development projects in Washington, DC.

In her third blog post as 2016 Crook Fellow, Lauren Toppenberg discusses SDG2 - the United Nations' working group formed to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.

In her second blog post as a 2016 Crook Fellow, Patricia Zavala discusses her work with the #1o5C Campaign during her internship with the United Nations Development Programme.