Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Rana Siu Inboden contributed a chapter to a book recently published by Oxford University Press titled Rising China’s Influence in Developing Asia. In the chapter, “China's Influence on Developing Asian States During the Creation of the United Nations Human Rights Council, 2005-7”, Inboden and Dr. Rosemary Foot discuss China’s influence during UN institutional reform of the UN human rights bodies.

Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar and CCAPS researcher Alan Kuperman’s new book,Constitutions and Conflict Management in Africa: Preventing Civil War Through Institutional Design, was recently reviewed by Mia Swart, Professor of International Law at the University of Johannesburg, in the International Journal of Constitutional Law. Swart describes the book as ambitious, optimistic, and outstanding.

Strauss Center Senior Fellow Kevin Rosner was recently featured in a Saudi Gazette article on cybersecurity in the Persian Gulf. Dr. Rosner is also a senior fellow for the Institute for Analysis of Global Security. The article was published in advance of Dr. Rosner’s presentation on Asymmetric Warfare and Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection at the Infrastructure Security Conference (Infrasec) in April 2016.

Lillie Leone, a 2014-2015 Brumley NextGen Scholar, is currently in Washington, D.C. as an Archer Fellow, where she is working at the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition. She completed her Plan II Senior Thesis in December on the topic of cultural heritage conservation and development. As part of her NextGen fellowship, Lillie wrote a policy paper about preserving cultural heritage during war, which helped guide her to her thesis topic.

CEPSA's conflict tracking conducted by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Dataset (ACLED) project is designed for disaggregated conflict analysis and crisis mapping. ACLED-Asia covers real-time information on political violence, riots and protests, and its most recent Asian Conflict Trends Report includes a general overview of the violence recorded in South and Southeast Asia throughout 2015.