As a 2016 Crook Fellow, Anna Koons is interning with the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network (MFAN) in Washington, DC. MFAN is a reform coalition composed of international development and foreign policy practitioners, policy advocates and experts, concerned citizens and private sector organizations. In her first blog post, Anna discusses the differences she has encountered between the humitarian and development sectors.

LBJ School graduate student Lauren Toppenberg is currently interning with Bread for the World Institute in Washington, DC as a 2016 Crook Fellow. In her first blog post, Lauren discusses her role researching the ways in which Sustainable Development Goals are measured.

In his second blog post as a 2016 Crook Fellow, Brent Perdue discusses his observations while accompanying FUNDSAZURZA in its various solid waste management operations.

Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Michael Findley recently co-authored the article "A hybrid approach to modeling territorial control in violent armed conflicts" for the journal Transactions in GIS. Dr. Findley and his co-authors discuss a new approach to estimating the control of territory in conflict regions.

Two of our Distinguished Scholars have addressed recent events in Turkey in interviews and articles.