07 July 2017

From Director Chesney:

We are happy to report an exciting development regarding the Texas National Security Network (Chancellor McRaven’s “Quantum Leap” initiative to improve national security education and research across the UT System). The Strauss Center is a proud participant in the Network, and along with our colleagues at the Clements Center we play a key role in it.

In that vein, we want to alert you to a major Network initiative launched today: an innovative partnership between the Network and the prominent national security blog War on the Rocks, the main fruit of which is the launch of a new quarterly journal to be known as the Texas National Security Review, or TNSR.

TNSR will feature peer-reviewed articles by national security academics, policymakers, and practitioners, and will focus on work with strong policy relevance. TNSR aims to provide a fresh and influential voice in national security affairs, with a distinct Texas flavor! For more details, see this post from Ryan Evans, editor-in-chief at War on the Rocks.