25 February 2014



Co-hosted by:
Professor Geoff Corn
Professor Bobby Chesney

Sponsored by:
The International Committee of the Red Cross
The South Texas College of Law
The Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Law at the University of Texas—Austin

May 15-16, 2014

Location: The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School, Charlottesville, VA

The National Security Law Workshop, now in its seventh year, is a unique event. It brings civilian law faculty, Judge Advocates, ICRC representatives, and other government legal advisers together for two days of dialogue on national security law topics.
  1. Location:
    • We are pleased to announce that the Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School in Charlottesville has agreed to allow us to use their conference space for the workshop on May 15th and 16th this spring.
  2. Format:
    • This year’s event will have a slightly different format than in years past. Specifically, we are placing a greater emphasis on roundtable discussions. Towards this end, we hereby solicit proposals to lead a roundtable discussion of a particular topic. Proposals should include a brief (no more than one page) discussion explaining the topic and its significance. And while we anticipate that a number of the discussion sessions will focus on the law relating to armed conflict, we also encourage proposals on a broader array of national security topics. If the proposal is selected the proponent will be expected to: 
      1. Draft a 5-10 page ‘point paper’ framing the issue for discussion, to be distributed no later than the end of April; 
      2. act as co-leader of the discussion during that session (we will select an additional participant to assist in this capacity). 
    • In addition to the roundtable discussions, we will continue our tradition of workshopping draft articles using a discussant model (albeit on a more limited scale than in the past, and with a special emphasis on true drafts—i.e., papers that will not be accepted for publication by the time of the event in May).
    • Finally, we also will accept requests to attend from individuals who are not submitting either a roundtable topic or a paper, but who do want to take part in the general discussions.
  3. Applications:
    • Please submit your proposals or attendance requests to both:
      1. Bobby Chesney (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), and
      2. Geoff Corn (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
    • by close of business on March 15, 2014. Currently, we anticipate accepting 25 total attendees. 
  4. Expenses and logistics:
    • The good news is that there is no registration fee or paperwork for those who are selected to attend (nor is there any CLE credit, alas). The bad news is that all attendees will be responsible for their own travel, lodging, and related expenses. Once selections are made, we will provide further details on recommended accommodations and other logistical details.
  5. Last year’s agenda:
    • Below is the agenda from a prior year’s event, which will give you at least a general sense of the structure we intend to follow for this year’s event: 

Agenda for the 2013 Event

16 May
1800-2000: Icebreaker, 6th Floor of the Fred Parks Library

17 May
0800-0830: Coffee/Pastries
0830-0845: Introductions
0845-0945: Paper #1: Deeks on Deference; Discussant: Chesney
0945-1045: Roundtable #1: Classification of Armed Conflict (Glazier, Gary Corn)
1045-1100: Coffee Break
1100-1200: Paper #2: Rutigliano on the ICC; Discussant: Hansen
1200-1300: Lunch (Catered)
1300-1400: Paper #3: Morrison on Conspiracy; Discussant: Jenks
1400-1500: Roundtable #2: Role of the Judiciary: Kent, Vladeck, Pearlstein
1500-1515: Break
1515-1615: Paper #4: Margulies on Duty of Risk for Armed Forces; Discussant Huntley
1615-1730: Overflow/General Discussion Time
1930: Astros v. Brewers at Minute Maid Park (ticket includes meal)

18 May
0800-0830: Coffee/Pastries
0830-0930: Paper #5: Major Williams on Jus Post Bellum; Discussant: Geoff Corn
0930-1030: Roundtable #3: Cybersecurity, Sales and Jensen
1030-1100: Coffee Break
1100-1200: Paper #6: Hu on Biometrics; Discussant Brenner-Beck
1200-1300: Lunch (Catered)
1300-1400: Paper #7: Daskal on Geography of War; Discussant: Lewis
1400-1500: Roundtable #2: Discussion of David Luban’s Article on LOAC v. Humanitarian Lawyers; Luban, Schmitt, LTC DiMeglio
1500-1515: Break
1515-1615: Paper #8: Rao on R2P; Discussant: Vanlandingham
1615-1715: Overflow/General Discussion Time